Photography |                          Madelène  van Ulden

Models |              Jesper Vos &  Jason Joannes 

Design, concept and styling |                           Madelène van Ulden

Goggles, boots and helmet |                                     Burnside shop 

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Meet FLINT, a fictitious guy, designed by Madelène van Ulden.                                           |FLINT | 2015 | Toile de Luxe |

While graduating, this character has developped in her head, starting with the project "Wisdom of a child”.              Every detail of Flint's life became important, and her thesis and graduation collection were dedicated to Flint.              As she always cared about the details in clothing, she collected character traits, character details.              After having invented what makes him this person, she started looking at his biggest passion, which led to his appearance. Looking at sports and asking sporters what they think is important, provided her a complete image how Flint would wear his clothes. Madelène's first priority was to let the clothes feel part of Flint himself. Therefore she created funny fabrics, durable, comfortable items soaked with sporty design and details. And prepared to deal with conditions in snowy mountains.