FLINT and Friends

Photography |                                               Douwe de Boer

Models |          Danny van der Hoeven & Brian Asate

Design, concept and styling |                                       Madelène van Ulden

Goggles |                                                 Burnside shop

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Meet FLINT and Friends by Madelène van Ulden                                        | 2015 | FLINT and Friends |



After creating FLINT (Toile de Luxe) it was clear how he grew up. But who is the adult Flint? His friends complete his current personality. Together they practice extreme sports, hobbies and make fun. 


Design techniques are based on Disney’s character design and finish the designs just like Flint’s story in all details. 

Therefore Madelène created and added functional sporty details. Some of them even funny. In example the inflatable coats, developed to have fun floating. Or the polychloroprene wetsuits that you want to show off, outside the water. She developed and worked with functional techniques that give joy, her final aim. (;